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Hygiene articles

Revolutionize the train journey with train-approved hygiene items that not only ensure style and comfort on board, but also elevate the entire customer experience!

Carefully designed to maximize cleanliness and passenger satisfaction, these products combine aesthetically pleasing design with practical utility, ensuring a more comfortable journey from start to finish.

Choose Rentokil Initial for solutions that take the comfort and appearance of train travel to new heights - make the journey cleaner and more appealing with reliable hygiene items.

Product catalog

Improve the train experience and increase customer satisfaction with railway-approved hygiene items from Rentokil Initial

Introduce air fresheners in train toilets for continuous freshness with eco-friendly scents that improve passengers' travel experience

Fragrance freshener.png

Specially formulated hand cleaners for train toilets offer superior cleansing without drying out the skin, ideal for frequent use during travel

Hand cleaner.png

Reliable hand towel paper dispensers for train toilets provide quick and easy access to environmentally friendly paper, and reduce waste with optimal dosing

Hand towel.png

The toilet seat cleaner for train toilets offers exceptional cleanliness that effectively removes bacteria and provides a hygienic and safe user experience for passengers

Screenshot 2024-04-18 122955.png

Upgrade the train toilets with elegant, touch-free soap dispensers that combine style, efficiency and hygienic technology

Hand cleaner.png
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