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We are rolling-stock professionals with a passion for public transportation solutions and extensive know-how and network in the rolling stock industry. We have chosen this business sector as our playground and we love to work in it. It’s a privilege and a passion.

What today is Unstad started as a development project to establish PROSE on the ground in the Norwegian rolling stock market (ie trains, trams, subways, etc.) and an office was started in the fall of 2017. Two years later, the PROSE Group redefined its need to be present and consolidates its resources in its traditional markets. During the same period, we who work here had established a clear presence in the Norwegian industry and decided in December 2019 to buy out the Norwegian part of the company to stand on its own as an independent company.


Unstad started as a breakout from PROSE in December 2019 and we are rolling-stock professionals with a passion for public transport in general and the rolling stock industry in particular. This is a way of life and our livelihood. It is a privilege and a passion. We are like the small community Unstad in Lofoten where the road ends in a wild and beautiful bay and you will find an epicenter for surfers from all over the world with a passion for the perfect wave. The recognition that people with commitment, passion, experience, solid ethical foundations and can-do-attitude will achieve both their own and others' dreams. This is why we chose Unstad as our name. To remind us that it makes personal sense to challenge and strive for our own good - for our customers and for society. Unstad symbolizes for us ingenuity, passion and freedom to deliver the best quality, despite the fact that Unstad is a small place in the world.

Om oss: About


We imagine a future in which most people prefer public transportation solutions.

In 2030, Unstad is the leading professional services company in the Nordic Rolling-Stock sector and at the same time a recognized contributor to an inclusive, environmentally sound and sustainable society. 

Our customers trust that we are the most agile, cost-efficient and sustainable partner in the truest sense of these words.

We have arrived at this position by being creative and professional problem solvers with an undisputed focus on our customers’ ever-changing business needs as well as the environment we live in.

Our team comprises experts with long-term experience in their fields as well as promising junior professionals we want to be inspired by and seek to boost their skills through a continuous development program. This way we enable young people to develop and define their own professional path.

We are proud to work for Unstad and feel that we are constantly contributing to the success of our customers and to a better society but also to our own personal development. Unstad is regarded by engineering graduates as the best place to build a career in the rolling-stock sector.

Our owners respect us for the ability to focus on a healthy business operation and for our professionalism, both in the day-to-day operations and in the longer term.

The general business society will view Unstad as leader in the professional services industry and will try to replicate our successes to the benefit of other markets.

Unstad is a great place to work!


Our mission is to make public transportation solutions better for the greater good of society.

Our main goal is to provide the best solution for our customers. We have the skills and experience to do this. Our expertise in train technology and our analysis and understanding of each customer's business and needs enable us to perform and deliver the best customized solution. Our proximity to the market allows us to coordinate and execute project tasks effectively.



Integrity in everything we do and what we are. We seek to deliver what we consider to be the best solution for our clients in an objective, in-depth and independent way. We never compromise our values, but act as an ambassador for them. 

We respect laws, regulations and our contracts. We maintain our integrity by acting in accordance with them.

For the greater good

We work for the greater good by our contribution to improving public and goods transportation systems. Even though Unstad is a commercially driven company, we support non-profit organizations helping people in need, contributing to a better environment and biodiversity as a company and as individuals. We embrace the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


We respect everyone as equals, and believe in equality among genders, sexuality and religions. We do not shy away from difficult discussions or decisions but enter them with respect for all parties involved and with the project’s best interests in mind.


Welcome to Unstad!

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