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Torgrim Gjelsvik

Senior consultant 

Torgrim was born and raised in Ranheim east of Trondheim. He has his education as a M.Sc. at the NTH machine line with specialization in computer technology and data application in the technical industry, such as programming of numerically controlled (NC) machine tools.


He started his career in research and development at SINTEF in 1987, where he participated in projects within electronics and communication systems, mostly in the telecom and offshore industry.  

After 25 years at SINTEF, he started at Mantena's technical department at Marienborg in 2012 as a production engineer with responsibility for diesel equipment, such as. trains Type 92 and 93, locomotives Di4, Di8 and freight locomotive Euro 4000. He knows Type 93 particularly well, just ask him and you will get an answer.


Torgrim has always been interested in trains, initially for the natural first choice Märklin, later and continuously for miniature trains in 1: 8 scale. He has his own miniature train line at the cabin that measures a full 116m in length, built from the ground up by himself. In the summer months since 2016, he has worked as a train driver on the Thamshavn line, a museum line in operation between Orkanger and Løkken in Trøndelag. Torgrim has also had time to go as a pilot with more than 350 flight hours in the log behind the levers in single-engine aircraft, including towing sailplanes in Oppdal and Værnes.

Ask me about: 

  • Diesel

  • Electric power

  • Electronics

  • Communication systems

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