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Unstad performs strength calculations and FEM analyzes in accordance with EU directive for railway vehicles (TSIs) and railway standards. Project documentation and basis for requirements from the Norwegian Railway Authority (SJT) are documented using a calculation report. Calculation report can be delivered as a separate product, or as part of a larger documentation package. There are requirements from the EU and national authorities to document the suitability of rolling stock, its components and solutions for use, upgrading, renewal, operation and maintenance on the Norwegian railway network. SJT bases an approval process and permit for rolling stock on, among other things, a valid calculation report. Unstad uses, among other things, ANSYS and Nastran for FEM tools. • Strength calculation and FEM analyzes in accordance with requirements for rail vehicles (TSIs for locomotives, passenger trains and work machines). • Valid calculation report with results, summary and conclusion. • Documentation package for approval and permission for rolling stock at SJT. • Unstad offers a documentation package with system description, engineering and documentation for railway vehicles through an approval process at SJT.


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