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Knut Ola Nymoen

Senior consultant 

Knut-Ola grew up in Notodden. He graduated as an engineer at the University of Southeast Norway (USN) and took a bachelor's degree from there in 2015.


He started his career as a mechanic and systems engineer in the automotive industry in 2007 and, with the exception of his studies at USN, he stayed there until 2017. On the way, he stopped by Mercedes, Toyota and Tesla's brand workshops and service centers. In 2017, he finally found out that steel wheels are much more fun and therefore started as a mechanical engineer at Mantena, where he over the next four years developed further with tasks such as design and development of components, including reverse engineering, workshop materials and related systems, technical documentation and optimization. of maintenance.

Knut-Ola is an enterprising, versatile, curious and generous employee who serves new opportunities for improving processes and flagging innovation opportunities without delay. He is knowledgeable and willing to work and brings with him new perspectives on how we can be an even better partner for our clients, something we value very highly in Unstad.

Ask me about: 

  • Mechanical design

  • Reverse Engineering

  • Project / Tender

  • CAD

  • 3D Scanning and VR

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