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Malin Helland


Malin was born and raised in Lørenskog. She started her education with a bachelor's degree in health management and health economics at UiO, and later certified as a PRINCE 2 project manager from Metier. She plans to start her mechanical engineering studies at OsloMet in the summer of 2022, but will continue in her position in Unstad with 50% during her studies. She started in the railway industry earlier than most and made her entry already as a 15-year-old, then with administrative tasks in Daimex.

Ask me about: 

  • Project management

  • Maintenance planning  

  • Logistics 

After her education, she was hired as a project manager for e.g. upgrade of WLAB sleeping compartments and Vy Pluss conversion on Type 5 and 7. She then started in OnTracks where she had tasks as admin support and coordinator for EuroMaint, where she was later hired as warranty administrator to CAF. She started in Unstad in September 2021.


Malin bears the mark of having grown up in a railway family and with engine and hydraulic oil over the years, it is not surprising that she has chosen rolling stock as the start of her career. In addition, she took the license in Road racing in the spring of 2021 and she trains regularly in Solør Racing, where she gets the pressure really hard on the gas. She is also very fond of strength training and you can find her almost every day of the week at Fresh gym, if she is not out airing her four-legged friend, the German Shepherd Nera.