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Even Bergsengstuen

Senior consultant 

Even grew up right by Bergseng station, in  Brøttum parish, south of Lillehammer. He took his certificate in workshop engineering at Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk in 1973, began his engineering education at Gjøvik Technical School a couple of years later and completed his degree as a civil engineer from the mechanical engineering department at NTH in 1980.


He has a very long career in the Norwegian rolling stock industry since he started at NSB in 1981. His special fields are bogie, wheels and gait dynamics, traction and shock devices, central clutch and diesel engines. He has been involved in improvements to workshops and facilities. He joined NSB's accident commission early on and developed his ability to analyze errors and causal connections and suggest what can be done to solve the problem in a reasonable and practical way. 

Ask me about: 

  • Bogies with components

  • Bogie frames, fatigue tests

  • Wheel sets, wheels, axles

  • Shock absorbers

  • Shaft boxes, bearings, end equipment

  • Flange lubrication

  • Drive boxes, couplings

  • Central connection, short connection

  • Buffers, traction device

  • Carriage boxes, locomotive boxes

Have a plan A and a B and a C ” - EB

Along the way, he has participated in numerous innovative projects such as The Ludvigsen beam and Type 69C central coupling as improved energy absorption in the event of a collision. He himself emphasizes the improvement of flange lubrication as an important step in improving the rail-wheel interaction. It is above all the unwavering interest in trains and technology and an eternally teachable head that ensures that Even never stops learning new things about trains, and he is happy to teach it to anyone who asks. There are few topics in the train industry that have not passed his sharp eye and the knowledge he has gained is in all modesty quite unique in Norway.

Even has throughout a long career been a mentor to many colleagues in companies we work with, including some of our own, and we constantly reap the benefits of his work in the projects he participates in and in the internal knowledge sharing we carry out in Unstad. As he says himself, he is happy to help others " start their careers a little higher up the ladder ."

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