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Erling Haugnes 

General manager / Senior consultant 

Erling is a Westerner in his soul but has lived most of his life in other parts of the country.

He has a degree in mechanical engineering and has a management education from both the Armed Forces and NTNU.

He has previously worked in the aerospace, engineering and building automation industries. He has worked in the railway industry since 1999, both with infrastructure and rolling stock and knows the Norwegian market very well.

Erling is an efficient and caring leader who genuinely loves his employees. He is energetic, analytical, has great execution ability and takes challenges head on and preferably right away.

Ask me about:

  • Project management

  • Technical management

  • Maintenance optimization

  • Procurement

  • Car body

  • Corrosion and cracks

  • Boroscope / Endoscope inspection.

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