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We specialize in reverse engineering of mechanical systems. This process involves digitizing/modelling existing physical parts (components, special tools etc.) with the aim of reproducing - and preferably improving the system. This is particularly relevant for products that have gone out of production, or where you only need individual parts in a larger assembly. We produce digital files and production documents based on measurements, material analysis and 3D scanning of the physical part. In many cases, reverse engineering can be very cost-saving by reducing parts costs, and often also delivery times. It is worth noting that not all components or systems will be equally suitable for typical reverse engineering, so we always make a non-binding assessment of each individual project. ✔ Parts that have been discontinued / Obsolete parts ✔Components that lack documentation ✔Components approved according to regulations and safety/approval requirements for rail vehicles ✔Digitalisation/modeling and rendering of components ✔Optimization of existing components

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