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Asgeir Lie

Senior consultant 

Asgeir grew up on Løten but has his roots in Valdres. He started his education as a civil engineer at TU Darmstadt, and was there for 3 years before he returned to Norway and finished his studies at NTH, at the Department of Mechanical Engineering, in Trondheim in 1991.

He started his active career at SINTEF, where he visited the departments of refrigeration technology and petroleum technology as the first stop after his studies. In 1992, he followed his inner compass towards warmer regions and made his way to Strømmens Verksted, at a time when the T2000, IC70 and the latest Type 69 series were still waiting to be sent out through the gates. Among Asgeir's assignments, themes related to brakes, bogie, clutch and air cooling were prominent.

Ask me about: 

  • Brakes / traction

  • Compressed air

  • Operating systems

  • Interaction and control

  • ATC / ETCS  

  • Design choices

  • Calculations

  • Driving simulation

  • Testing, troubleshooting and problem solving

  • Procurement and maintenance

  • Infrastructure compatibility

  • Security analyzes

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