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Arvid Østnes

Senior consultant 

Arvid grew up on a farm in Gan in Fet municipality. After primary school, he applied to the vocational school at Strømmen in 1969 and then apprenticed at Sørumsand Verksted (which was then part of Kværner Brug) with machining of parts and equipment for hydropower machinery on the curriculum. He later applied to Oslo Maritime University College at Etterstad in 1978 where he went out the door as a mechanical engineer in 1981. He started his work as an engineer at the construction office at Strømmens Verksted (SV) in 1981.

Ask me about:

  • Mechanical construction  

  • 3D modeling

  • Production technology

  • Tool construction

  • Measurement technique, tolerances

  • Materials engineering, machining, welding, soldering.

  • Automatic doors

  • Wheelchair lifts

In 1989 he went to H. Astrup & co, where he designed vacuum lifters for the paper and board industry, and was i.a. with the conversion from diesel to electric operation. In 1998, he started as a production engineer with the car manufacturer Th! Nk at Aurskog and was responsible for providing equipment for the production line. He was on the adventure until 2006 when Ford withdrew and new owners did not envisage further operation. In 2006, he therefore started in Jotne as a consulting engineer before returning a year later to SV / Bombardier Transportation (BT) where he participated in projects with Typene 69 AB and C2 and upgrading of B5 in 2007, among others. together with Erling. When SV was closed down in 2011, Arvid joined BT for Helsfyr and later Lodalen in 2014, where he joined in 2017. During this time he was also leased to BT in Västerås for half a year as a tool designer for C20 components, where much of time was spent developing improved welding methods and tools. In 2019, Arvid joined PROSE where he joined our inspection team and has since worked on various assignments for PROSE and later Unstad.


Arvid is a versatile and skilled engineer who likes to find his own projects in the world of technology. He has always been a car enthusiast, with a weakness for the sporty or classic type. He is especially fond of a 1976 Alfa Romeo Bertone Coupe, which occasionally offers challenges and a bit of a headache but still has a soul, as he says. He has played in a janissary corps for many years and has tried his hand at big bands, steady as he is on trombone. When he seeks peace, he takes a dog and a purse with him and goes to the mountains.

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