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Alf-Bjarne Rosseland

Operations and marketing manager / Senior consultant 

Alf-Bjarne is from Fredrikstad. He has his degree as a civil engineer from the Agricultural University of Ås, with specialization in machinery and process. Prior to this, he took a bachelor's degree in product development / industrial design at Østfold University College.


He started in the Norwegian railway industry in 2005 and has been employed by both public and private actors since then. He knows the structure of the trains from A to Z but is particularly well equipped to handle topics within bogie, leash, drivelines and car body. He has an extensive network in the industry and follows the developments it takes in Norway with a sharp and trained eye.

Alf-Bjarne was introduced to karting already at a young age and has since then always been interested in engine and mechanics and loves to keep a steady hand on the wheel in every project he is involved in. He is knowledgeable, efficient, committed and a very nice staff member.

Ask me about: 

  • Bogies with components

  • Wheel sets, wheels, axles

  • Shaft boxes, bearings, end equipment

  • Flange lubrication

  • Drive boxes, couplings

  • Central connection, short connection

  • Buffers, traction device,

  • Project management, technical procurement

  • RAMS

  • CBM

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