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Alexander Schybergson

Project manager / Senior industrial designer

Alexander grew up in Oslo, but has lived in Trondheim, Bergen and Andenes.

He has spent several years in the United States and later 5 years in Switzerland.


He has a bachelor's degree in industrial design from a university college in Switzerland, but has previously visited the Air and Naval Academy through a longer career in the Armed Forces.


He is an avid champion of good public transport solutions and is especially motivated by projects that aim to improve people's everyday lives. For the past 8 years, he has worked on projects related to rolling stock, both nationally and internationally.

Alexander works methodically and structured, individually or in teams, and is used to leading and motivating team members across disciplines. He has consistently received feedback on good communication skills, positive attitude and resourcefulness. He also thrives in the coaching role and has previously been a mountain climbing instructor, and in recent years trains for children in cross-country skiing and trail cycling in Fossum IF.

Ask me about:

  • Car interior and design

  • Concept development

  • Modernization

  • Public transport in general

  • The means of transport of the future

  • Industrial design

  • Project management

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